Great Suggestions on Healthy Alternatives to Make For Breakfast

With crazy and hectic schedules, many Americans do not make the time to have a good and healthy breakfast. In fact, a lot of people simply do not have anything for breakfast and skip that most important meal of the day. This article will offer suggestions on the many different things you can make for a good healthy start to your day. It will offer great healthy smoothies that you can take with you on the go made by a Vitamix professional series 750 and goji berries, or fast, healthy egg dishes, in addition to things to make and freeze to quickly have in the morning. For more details read here

The main component why so many people do not eat breakfast is that they are rushing around in the morning. If you would just give yourself 5-10 minutes extra in the morning that is all it will take to make a nutritious and great breakfast for yourself and your family. The other problem a lot of Americans do is that the quick things that they do grab for breakfast are laden with empty calories of high fat and sugar. Donuts, muffins, and enormous white flour bagels are some examples of these bad choices that many people turn to for breakfast.

Great Suggestions on Healthy Alternatives to Make For Breakfast

If you commute a long way and would like to be able to have your breakfast in the car, a great alternative to a good breakfast is to make a smoothie packed full of wonderful things. It can be as simple as three ingredients like chocolate soy milk, frozen strawberries, and a banana which is delicious and created by Oprah’s trainer. Or it can include some vegetables in addition to some fruit and berries along with yogurt to make it a filling and great energy booster using the best Vitamix professional series 750 to get you started. If you do not think you will be likely to make your own smoothie in the morning and are willing to pay the extra expense to buy one instead, try the different Odwalla varieties that come in fruit or vegetable types and are a great way to start your day.

Eggs are another great source of protein to start your morning off on the right foot. A great breakfast item that adults and kids both enjoy is a simple and quick breakfast burrito. Simply scramble one egg with three egg whites and mix in whatever vegetables you have on hand at the moment. Put this in a flour tortilla and top with salsa and there is a great breakfast that took you about 5 minutes to make. Egg white omelets are also great alternatives for breakfast and can be served with a piece of whole wheat toast.

Steel cut oatmeal is the last option that is great but takes some time to make so make it in advance and freeze it in single portions. Then you simply microwave it and top it will some berries and you are all set. All of these healthy choices will help you to eat less throughout the day and keep you focused at school or work. One good alternative also is by making a healthy smoothie using a Vitamix professional series 750. Find more continue reading..