Professional Blender

Professional blenders will pack a punch into what everything you blend. Many of you may be familiar with the Blendtec blender like the Vitamix professional series 750 on YouTube videos “will it blend?” But, yes, these professional blenders can blend things ranging from marbles to iPods.

Personally, I don’t find myself blending iPods or marbles, but it proves the point that they can blend anything that your wild healthy heart may desire fast, efficiently, and last longer without needing to be repaired or replaced. You can check is from online if you want to learn more about what I am talking. It is always available in many website that are giving details about smoothies.

Some of the most popular brand names include the Vitamix professional series 750 and, of course, the Blendtec. Other good brands include Waring-Commercial and Kitchen aid.

Although lots of people do use professional (sometimes called “commercial”) blenders in their own homes they are most often used in restaurants, bars, hotels, and catering companies. One of the big reasons for this is price, which sometimes the reason why people choose not to buy because they think they are spending money into useless thing. These blenders range between $300-600 and I’ve seen some as pricey as $1,000. If you’re just getting into blending this may not be the pick for you. But if you know you love to blend than you’ll find that this is a worthwhile investment.For more details read here

Professional Blender

Your smoothie’s recipes will take less time to make. The consistency will be much smoother and best of all the blender will last much longer. In short: They’re awesome! That is why lots of people are still using the blender to maintain their smoothie recipe delicious and healthy as usual. Make no mistake, healthy smoothies is all that we need to protect ourselves.

So, why so expensive? Well, as I explained above, these blenders is all heavy duty. You’ll have no trouble blending ice in these babies, as these machines really pack a punch. It is always better to use a better one like the Vitamix professional series 750. Why not buy the best out there which you can use to benefit your body’s health. If you think it is expensive, think about the money you will spent if you are not healthy.

A second reason is that, generally speaking, these blenders last a lot longer. Most brands come with warranties ranging 5 to 10 years, varying, of course, from company to company. I do have to mention that sometimes these warranties cost a little extra. The Vitamix blender, for example, comes with a 7-year warranty. However, if you want to extend it to 10 years, you have to pay $75. So make sure to read the warranty on the product but, like I said, commercial strength blenders usually have much better warranties than what you’d buy at the store for the simple reason that they’re selling to business who want that security. So, get a professional blender like the Vitamix professional series 750 and get blending! Continue Reading…